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Questions & Answers

When experiencing pump trouble Things to try first:

No Water

Were you using a lot of water at the time? Try shutting off breaker waiting for 15-30 minutes. Turn breaker on after allotted time if water comes back it could be an automatic reset or water level pulling down, and building back up either way contact for service after trying breaker and still no water is there a red button or overload button on a control box or panel near the pressure tank. Push this button until it"snaps or clicks if this brings back water there is a reason it kicked off, contact us service. If there is no such button or it did not bring desired results (water!!!) again contact us.

Water surging or pressure switch clicking on and off to often as you use water.

This could be what is called a water logged tank. There is no air in the tank for compression so air needs to be reinstalled call us for instructions or service.

Because this starting & stopping could damage your well pump.

Is your water "dirty" or have sediment in it?

This could be the result of a hole in the pipe ( if galvanized), cracked plastic or plastic coupling, possibly your water level pulling down or other possibilities, contact us for advice on what to do.

Contact us for well problems and questions when something doesn't seem like it is working right. A service call could save your pump system and save you money!

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